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Winning the Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival Band Competition!

What. An. Unforgettable. Weekend! If that first picture doesn’t sum up how we were feeling, nothing will! We were beaming, both inside and out. Charlie and Austin kept bursting into tears all night, and doing a winners set the next day was a dream.

This really meant a lot to us, to be validated for who we are and what we bring to the table.

Thank you one more time to Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival for having us this year, and a special congratulations to all the bands that competed. You were all so wonderful that we were sure we couldn’t be the winners.

Our message to the other bands and future applicants:

"Own your sound. Be authentic to your band's identity. We chose to perform mostly original music. It felt daring, especially hearing such well known repertoire from the other bands. We knew that the audience recognized and enjoyed a lot of the classic repertoire that many of the other bands performed and we certainly felt nervous presenting our own music. We didn't know how it would be received. Thankfully, folks seemed to resonate with it. Our sound is still developing, but writing and arranging our own material has been the biggest factor in forming our identity. We encourage you to be courageous and do the same!"

To the Eugene Tyler Band, we are absolutely floored by your gift of a trophy to us. You were absolutely right, this will serve as a reminder to us of what we accomplished. We will cherish this for a lifetime! Looking forward to linking up with you all again sometime soon

Now, onward and upwards

Watch this amazing moment that a fan captured of the announcement

She said "she just had a feeling" and wanted to have the video in case she was right

And here is us trying to find the stage moments after they announced that we won!

What an unforgettable day.

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